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New York Times Hands-Down Taste Test Winner!

Ray's Brand Chilli

Famous for our Delicious Ray’s Original Chilli with Beans & Line of Seasonings/Spices



Although Ray’s is famous for its delicious Ray’s Original Chilli with Beans, we also have a few other products for chili lovers and aspiring chefs alike.


Ray’s Reduced Fat Chilli offers the convenience and taste of Ray’s Original but contains only 10 grams of fat!


Our famous Ray’s Brand Coney Hot Dog Sauce with Beef is perfect when you want to change your plain old hot dog into a classic Coney dog favorite!   



Looking to spice things up in the kitchen? We have a line of premium, 100% pure spices and seasonings that will do the trick! For anyone who’s tried to crack the code on Ray’s unique blend of seasonings and spices, we have Ray’s Original Seasoning. You can add a little zest to any dish with Ray’s Brand Ground Black Pepper. And Ray’s Brand Seasoning Salt is perfect for making your favorite restaurant’s seasoned fries at home!


If you want your creations to burst with the flavor of nature’s best spices, you need Ray’s Brand All-Purpose Seasoning. Our tangy Ray’s Brand Granulated Onion or flavorful Ray’s Brand Granulated Garlic will liven up any dish (breath mints not included). To add that special flavor to all of your Tex-Mex foods use Ray’s Brand Ground Cumin.


Last, but not least, we have Ray's Red Chili Powder to add a bit of heat along with a true chili pepper flavor like no other chili powder. Use one or a combination as your own secret dry rub for chicken, seafood, pork, beef, or wild game. 

Ray's Seasonings

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